Showing London some style

What a fun trip 🙂 My friend, whom I met on the Namibia trip, and I wanted to catch up and the choice was fairly easy. London baby! We had zero plans on what to look at, we just knew that we are going to have tons of fun. The best way to take vacations or even go travelling is not to have a plan.

Our airBnB was decent, the location was great for our adventures though. Good old Chelsea neighbourhood just never fails you. We met up on Friday evening and just talked and had some procescco, chocolate and strawberries. The next day the only appointment we had was a Jazz concert at the Royal Albert Hall plus some Italian food along with it. We took lots of silly photographs in the park and took lots of Blood Diamond photographs in front of Van Arpels and other brand names that sell diamonds – probably blood diamonds, I mean, who couldn’t fake a Kimberly Protocol. We also took lots of silly paparazzi photographs,  us walking out of Chanel, Gucci and who knows what all these other brand names are. All the doormen were laughing, usually they get weirdo rich people in these stores haha! Afterwards it was off to the park where we again spontaneously decided to rent a pedalo and we took down a buoy. We were the only once laughing, the patrol guy did not find it funny at all. Probably lots of people do that. Oh well. In the evening we went out and it turned out to be so random. We went to a bar with live music, because, who doesn’t like live music. The band who was playing was really fantastic, we both liked them. In the end we had beers with them, went to another bar and ended up having “deep conversation” in front of the hospital. I don’t know what time we were back at home, but it was random and just a fun night out in London! Cannot wait to go again actually.

The next day we just went to see what has changed in Covent Garden and took it easy. London is always fun to go to!