Ages ago, I visited Peru and on this lazy Sunday afternoon I thought: why not update my travel blog while watching some Netflix. Sure, there are better things to do but things have to be done too.

So, back in 2001, before iPhones, digital cameras and all the fancy wifi connections I visited Peru / pretend to be Indiana Jones for 3 weeks 🙂


Just another city – sure there is an ocean but I am spoiled and need certain requirements for a beach (pure white sand, no trash, crystal clear blue/turquoise water, palm trees that go over the water. You know the usual stuff that dreams are made of.) Bascially, all you do in Lima (or at least my friend and I) was to prep stuff for the trip. Like getting cash.


We met up with our tour that we booked back in Switzerland / GAdventures (yes, a Canadian company) and started to explore the neighbourhood of Cuzco before heading to the starting point of the famous Inca Trail. Since it has been quite a while, I don’t remember everything and my mind is a bit blurred from all the coca leaves. haha, just kidding! I think there were 3 camps in all and we walked up to 4,200 meters over sealevel. Actually, that wasn’t that tough. It was raining a lot and we named all our camps to something weird. One camp was called “muddy camp” another one was called “rolling lama camp” because one lama just constantly walked up a hill and then rolled down. It was weird!

At our last camp, it was midnight and we sneaked out and checked out that ruins before Machu Picchu, called Winay Wanya. It was pretty cool 🙂 But since we had to climb over the fence, probably not legal.

The same day we had to get up at 4am or something crazy, grabbed some pancakes and walked the last few miles to get to Maccu Picchu before sunrise. And then we were there, looking over those old ruins enjoying the sunrise and were happy to have survived the four days walking in the rain. Well, it wasn’t raining all the time to be fair. Luckily, we also never saw a snake! Stoked about that fact! After walking around the ruins we took some mini bus into that little village and a train took as back to Cuzco. Our tourguide was a huge football fan and so we all went to the bar to watch the game Cuzco vs. Lima. Cuzco won, so we were all celebrating this event by drinking Pisco Sour. I got home somehow, but I don’t really remember the details haha! Let’s just say it was a fun day packed with awesome sights, cool train ride, great game for Cuzco and dancing around with the other tour members.

The next day we all parted, some went on traveling (like my friend and myself) and some went back home to Australia, US, Canada.

train ride


My friend and I took the plane to Arequipa, beautiful town in southern Peru. What is there to say about Arequipa? Check out what Wikipedia has to say.  Arequipa is the place to be if you wanna go check out the Colca Canyon. Another canyon on this planet that claims: Largest canyon in the world! I hear that whenever I see a canyon on this planet and cannot take this claim seriously anymore. So it is just some large and deep canyon and we had to sleep in some mini village that was pretty doggy. We were concerned that the doors didn’t properly lock.


As an X-Files fan, I just had to see El Astronauto a small Cessna 172 was flying us over the Nazca lines and it was so impressive! I first thought that it will be something only the trained eye will really see, but all the signs were clearly visible.

Driving along the Highway Number 1, the Panamericana, we were heading up north, to the next city called Ica. From there we did a day trip to Huacachina, some oasis in the desert. Where we had some more Pisco Sour and in the end we were back in Ica, looking where our Hostel was and let’s just say it took us a while to find it. Damn you Pisco Sour!

Well and so the trip pretty much ends – oh while looking at the map and walking at the same time, I fell into a construction thingie, that was covered by a simple carton. I had to throw vodka over the wound. Thank god, I never travel without liquor 🙂

I don’t have any photos of this trip as said, digital didn’t exist back then! How weird eh!