Mahalo Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii

Been there three times all together and loved it every time! So that says a lot. I really like it in Hawaii. The climate, the waves, the water, the fact that snakes don’t exist there. And the endless possibilities of outdoor adventures.


Beautiful island and so diverse! Fair enough, most of the time I was chilling out in the North Shore. My beaches were Waimea Bay and the “Secret Beach” which isn’t that secret anymore. Oahu has more to offer than just Waikiki Beach, there is Lanikai, Kailua, Chinaman Head Beach area and of course Sunset Beach and Pipeline where all the big name surfer surf. In winter, when the waves are huge!

Then there is Kauai – the garden island

Last time I was on the island we did that NaPali Coast Kalalui Trek or whatever it was called. Bring waterpurifier pills with you or Katadyn. Also, camping in Hawaii can be cold, so buy a mat.

woaa, I was so young back then!

Uh and then the dolphins off the coast of Kauai!

And then there is Maui-Wowie

I was there before digital photography so that was way back! Maui is another beautiful island with the Hana Road and you would definitely make it up to the volcano. There are also cool side trips that you can do. Like a snorkelling tour to Lanai and Molikini or something.

Well, going surfing in Hawaii is pretty much mandatory so have fun!