Yes, I visited Hong Kong, despite me not liking China. But I gave it a chance and liked it. That was back in 2010. I was living in Vancouver at that time, so I assumed the flight couldn’t be that long. I was wrong, I think it was about 8 hours to get there. Oh well. The things you do.

Lamma Island

An island, surprisingly green for a mega city such as Hong Kong. Walking around Lamma Island is pretty nice too and you can get away from the city crowds for sure. We discovered a beautiful little tea place in the middle of nowhere. Obviously, I don’t know the name of this cute oasis of calm down tea. You gotta go search for it yourself. Yes, a quest!

Else, Hong Kong has lots of buildings, my favourite is the LKF and IFC (I think that is what they are called) and the China Bank Building. That one is just unique and you see it in every movie made in Hong Kong. Batman style. Lots of shops and you get discount everywhere for no apparent reason. But you take it, because, why pay more if you can pay less. Another cool thing about Hong Kong is, that unlike New York, you can get to the most amazing roof top bars without invitation letter and Hollywood’esque clothing – which, I clearly don’t have in my closet.

To see if I still dislike mainland China as much as I thought, I went over the border to a place called Guangzhou. Long story short, I had an awful time and am still not liking mainland China at all and will never go there again. If you wanna go: do it! haha! But not with me dude!